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LoveHandle is the smartphone accessory you soon won't be able to live without! In short, each LoveHandle is comprised of an elastic or silicone strap over a plastic base, which is held on your phone with a layer of 3M VHB adhesive. You put your finger under the elastic strap, and voilà! You now have a comfortable, confident grip on your smartphone, helping you avoid accidental drops and hand fatigue. LoveHandle is great for people with big phones, small hands, texting addictions, sore pinkies, clumsy streaks, eyes for fashion, two large coffees -- you name it!

Are you using your iPhone 8 or iPhone X without a case? Because of Apple's new anti-fingerprint glass surface, aftermarket grips, including the LoveHandle, will not attach directly to the phone and require a case. For those daring customers who want to use the new all-glass iPhone without a case, we have an adapter adhesive sticker to apply to phone prior to LoveHandle application.

Most people put their LoveHandle in the center of the back of their phone, straight up-and-down. Others move it slightly to one side (usually closer to the dominant hand). You can also mount it on the bottom perpendicular to the phone, if you often use your phone in landscape orientation. (Or, buy two and do both!) Do whatever works for you, we won't judge.

Determine your Preferred Placement Position on the back of your phone. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Remove the protective film from the 3M VHB adhesive on the back of the LoveHandle. Carefully place the LoveHandle in your desired position. Press down firmly on the LoveHandle for 15 seconds. Give the elastic a firm tug to be certain that the LoveHandle is securely attached. If so, you're good to go! Be gentle in the first 24 hours as the bond reaches its maximum strength.

Don't worry! The LoveHandle can be repositioned if you haven’t pressed it down. Simply lift it off and try again.

Absolutely! Tablets and game systems are obvious candidates, but LoveHandles can be used on cameras, vaporizers, remote controls, or anywhere else you’d like a comfortable grip. You can even attach a LoveHandle to desk, wall, or door to hang any number of things on the elastic -- the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Definitely! LoveHandle works best with flat, smooth cases, and most case materials. For application to silicone cases, please use the adhesive adapter included with your LoveHandle. If you don't an adapter with your LoveHandle, get one for free on our website!

LoveHandle uses high-quality 3M Very High Bond adhesive. It's sturdy stuff, it generally won't come loose unless you want it to!

The LoveHandle is 2½ inches long, and ⅞ of an inch wide at its widest point. The elastic is just over half an inch wide. The LoveHandle XL is 4 inches long, and just over 1⅛ inches wide at its widest point, with an elastic band ¾ of an inch wide.

The easiest way to remove a LoveHandle is with floss or string. Press the floss or string against the phone or case, start at a corner, and move the string back and forth across the adhesive.

The adhesive is non-marring and does not leave a residue. You shouldn’t have any problems removing it using the floss method above.

You can, but you'll want to replace the adhesive to ensure a strong bond. You can order additional 3M VHB strips on our website.

We’re proud of our products, and if for any reason you are dissatisfied, get in touch with us so we have an opportunity to make it right. If you’re sure LoveHandle isn’t right for you, we offer a full refund, for any reason, within 30 days of purchase.

We use synthetic elastics to promote both durability and comfort, but as with any textile, the elastic can loosen with use. How this happens depends on how you rock your LoveHandle.

Oh no! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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