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1Di Inc - About Us

1Di Inc is centrally located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices and newly upgraded domestic distribution facility. From people in trade shows, to boots on the ground in factories, to the creative teams in offices, we ensure all import requirements and safety standards are met in a timely manner.

1Di collaborates closely with each Brand from a grassroots approach to maximize Consumer engagement. 1Di knows each company is unique. We tailor to you, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. 

Imagination Gaming

After over two decades making games, Imagination Gaming was reformed in 2020 and has quickly developed a catalog of titles including award-winning games and puzzles for all ages, with licensed brands and themes for pre-school aged children, families and adults. With our wide range of card, dice and board games along with the most popular game show titles, Imagination is quickly becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing games companies.

We remain committed to our customers, offering the highest-quality products
at the best possible prices.


Prime 3D

In 2014, we launched 6 Howard Robinson Prime 3D puzzles at the Nurnberg toy fair, where we shared with another company a 12ft x 12ft booth in the Hong Kong pavilion. It was quite the challenge to launch our limited product line on a 6ft table to present to anyone who just happened to walk by but that show yielded us 5 customers in 5 countries, and this is where it all started.

In 2023, we are proud to present over 2500 products, where we have the pleasure to market to our valued customers in over 50 countries. The success of our company is attributed to the amazing, employees and partners that work for and with Prime 3D Hong Kong office. These people service, create, innovate, and push to be better every day so that our customers have compelling products that can be enjoyed worldwide. 


Youtooz was launched in 2019 to bring the heroes and legendary moments of the internet to life. We capture emotions through physical products. Our team is on a mission to make tangible memories out of digital moments.


We have released collections of internet icons with followings in the tens of millions including MrBeast, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, Attack on Titan, Spongebob, Avatar, and Arthur from the PBS Kids series. Youtooz are uniquely designed from the ground up, limited edition, and once sold out are gone forever. 


LoveHandle is a family run company, founded in 2014 by the father/son team of Mike and Dave Watts with the vision of sharing love with the world by creating (what we think is) the world’s most functional smart device accessories!

Through our collaborative partnership with John Murphy, mad scientist extraordinaire and inventor of the LoveHandle, we have developed custom automation equipment to allow affordable mass-manufacturing of our LoveHandle products right here in the USA. Along with our 25 team members, we build, inspect, and package every product that leaves our facility located in Rosharon, TX.