How It Works



LoveHandle phone grips are a patented and highly useful fingertip grip for smartphones and tablets. LoveHandles are ultra strong and compatible with most smartphone cases without leaving any residue if moved. The soft and comfortable elastic band keeps your phone firmly gripped in your hand.

You may have seen the circle phone grips, but those products are bulky and not pocket friendly. LoveHandle is ultra thin and does not need to be "Popped" or activated to work. Plus the soft and strong elastic finger strap will gently grip your hand so you don't have to. You can even insert a business card under the elastic to create a phone stand as well.

LoveHandle is 100% made in the USA at our facility in suburban Houston, Texas. Our 35 full-time team members design, manufacture, package and ship every LoveHandle smartphone grip (between games of ping pong and basketball). We personally stand behind every product we make with a personal 100% satisfaction guarantee, so please give LoveHandle a try. You'll be glad you did!