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00002 | Binho Classic: GREEN Turf

00002 | Binho Classic: GREEN Turf

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The Binho Classic: Green Turf features a custom made turf grass material that brings new shots and bounces to the table. This turf is thicker than the Binho Classic and plays more with more of an Arcade style (crazy bounces and easier aerial shots!).

Easy to learn

Flick back and forth from wherever the ball comes to a complete stop. First player to 7 wins! Just make sure to follow the rules in the playing pamphlet :)

Play Anywhere

All you need is a flat surface! The Binho Board is 22” x 13” x 3”.

Easy To Transport

Every Binho Board comes in a Carrying Case Box with a handle. Bring this board to any social event to ensure excitement and good times for all.

Compete Without Using Energy

Binho will get your competitive spirit going without exhausting yourself! Play sitting or standing or really however you want.

What's in the box?

Binho Board
2 Balls
2 Score Pins
2 Red/Yellow Cards
2 Goals
20 Metal Player Pieces
12 Barrier Pieces
6 Exterior Elastic Bands
1 Rules Pamphlet
1 Drawstring Carrying Bag

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