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29415 | DRAUL

29415 | DRAUL

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The swift-swapping, flip-flopping, wild-wagering card game 
You're dealt seven cards to build your best five-card hand. You might have a perfect hand... but now you gotta pass three cards to your right. You adjust your strategy and exchange two cards with the player across the table. Adjust again, then pass one to the left. 
Now, you arrange your best five card hand to try to trick your opponents as you all roll over your hands one card at a time. Finally, before exposing your final card, you declare compete "UP" for the highest-ranking hand, or "DOWN" for the lowest-ranking hand, so you ALWAYS have a chance to change your strategy and trick your opponents to win right up to the end!  
Created by former Walt Disney Imagineer Dana Brown and former Disney Studios producer Chip Brown to help families and friends tech less and talk and play more. Watch the video at the bottom of this page for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of DRAUL, why Dana and Chip made the game, and why people love playing it!
DRAUL's game components are high quality with 300gsm (thickness) poker-sized playing cards with air-cushion linen-finish, brightly-colored wooden scoring cubes, a full-color instructions booklet, score pad and six Hierarchy of Hands charts so every player can be sure to build their best hands without having to share the chart with others which would be a big "tell" as to whether the player has a good hand or not. 
300gsm air-cushion linen-finish poker-sized Swipe Swap Swindle deck
40 wooden scoring cubes in 6 unique colors
6 Hierarchy of Hands charts
Score pad
4-color game play instructions booklet

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