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29420 | DEK of Cards: lagom DEK–Scandinavian Design Playing Cards

29420 | DEK of Cards: lagom DEK–Scandinavian Design Playing Cards

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Every DEK employs the rich, impeccable design of a specific locale’s unique aesthetic in our diverse world. Each DEK’s name is a word in the country’s native language which embodies the personality of local life.
DEK • lykke (pronounced “LUKE-uh”) is a Danish word. Denmark conjures visions of vikings, and when visiting Denmark, one can indeed sense the historical and spiritual home of these legendary warriors, craftsmen, and traders.
Design details in this Lykke DEK include chess iconography, which was popular in Denmark 1200 years ago in the Viking age.
But Danes are docile, too. “Lykke” translates quite nicely to “happiness,” but to Danes, “Lykke” means finding the good that exists in the world around us every day—even if you are a Viking.
52 high-quality poker-sized playing cards + 2 jokers
Gorgeous Scandinavian design from Sweden
Bright white with fine linen air-cushion finish
Thick 300gsm cards with dense black core
Sampler of The Rank Game, Toy Fair NY Favorite Pick

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