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Imagination Gaming

6763 | Drunk-opoly

6763 | Drunk-opoly

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DRUNK-OPOLY, THE WORLD’S MOST EFFED UP ADULT DRINKING GAME. Lots of drinking, outrageous challenges, laughs, and photographic evidence! This is an absolutely messed up take on classic Monopoly. Roll the dice, cross your fingers, and get ready to do a shot… or maybe a double.

Includes 1 splash-resistant board, 60 waterproof cards, 2 dice, 8 movers, 1 instruction.
Splash-resistant and waterproof – because we know what you people are like.
Adult drinking game, for ages 21 and up.
Caution: Hide from boss on social media! Boy oh boy, make sure the authorities are not watching. We’ve warned you!

At Imagination Gaming, we value time spent together through games and activities that can be played as a group or shared. Our puzzles allow for a quiet night-in with some wine while our group-oriented games are bound to bring you all closer together.

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