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LGIA2856 | Ruckus Card Game (5x6 Specialty Box)

LGIA2856 | Ruckus Card Game (5x6 Specialty Box)

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Acquiring sets may be easy; holding on to them is the hard part. Ruckus is a fun family game recommended ages 5 and up and 2 to 5 players. This card game create a ruckus as players compete to pick matching cards in order to form a set and aim to hold onto them while everyone is stealing cards as fast as they can. Blink and you could miss the opportunity to make a set. Blink twice and someone may have stolen one or two of yours.

Simply place a matching card from your hand to the top of another player’s set, then slide it across the table and it’s now yours. With all players quickly matching and stealing faster than you can shout out your set name’s, it’s anyone’s game until the final card is played. First player to 77 points wins the game!

The Ruckus Original Edition includes 72 Ruckus playing cards, a card tray, and easy to follow rules so that the whole family can learn how to play!

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